Best Buy’s Price Drop Policy

In the past, I mentioned that has a pretty useful price drop policy that guarantees that if you buy an item from them and the price drops within thirty days, you can get the difference in price refunded to you. While I tend to use Amazon for a lot of DVD and CD purchases due to their free shipping (on orders over $25), no tax, and great prices, I also do a lot of shopping at Best Buy. As such, it would be in my best interest if Best Buy had a similar price drop policy like the one offered by Amazon, and as it turns out they do. I think most people by now know that Best Buy, like many other stores, will match an advertised lower price offered by another local store (or even its own website), but not too many know about their incredibly useful price drop policy.

I recently used Best Buy’s price match policy to my advantage, and I can attest that it was as painless as possible. I showed the competitor’s ad to the cashier, and to my surprise, he even recommended that next time I shouldn’t even show the ad and they’ll do the deduction anyway. I don’t know if I’d necessarily trust that advice, but it was still a hassle-free process either way. Then, not long after my first encounter with Best Buy’s price adjustment policies, I had good reason to see how well their price drop policy works. The weekend after I bought a DVD, Best Buy advertised a sale on all TV DVDs, so I looked it up online, and sure enough, it was cheaper. I verified that I was eligible for the price drop guarantee, and since I was, I subsequently received a gift card worth the price difference (since I had originally paid with a gift card), with a print-out of the sale item’s page on as my evidence of the lower price when in the store requesting the refund. In all, it was incredibly easy, and I got back a decent amount of money in the process.

Much like Amazon’s price drop policy, Best Buy provides a very generous time frame for a possible price drop. With the exception of a few types of items, Best Buy gives you a 30 day window to find a lower price at a local Best Buy, its website, or a local competitor. If you find that an item that you bought within this window has dropped in price, just run on down to your local Best Buy and they’ll refund you the difference (110% of the difference if it’s a competitor). You can read more about this policy here. Also, if you prefer shopping at, you can rest assured that you’ll be taken care of, too. As describes on this page, if you find an item that you bought on the website is now a lower price at a Best Buy store or on the website, they’ll refund you the difference just like if you had bought the item in one of their stores. The only difference here seems to be that won’t match competitor’s offers, while Best Buy stores will. This makes sense given that is a nation-wide store and local sale prices can vary wildly across the country. Plus, it would be difficult for staff to check up on every claim of a better local sale price.

Thanks to Best Buy’s price guarantee policies, you can be sure that you’re paying the best price when you buy the product and that you don’t get cheated out of a good sale price because you bought something just before a price drop (temporary or not). All you have to do is pay attention to Best Buy and competitor’s ads right before and in the month after your purchase. For cheaper purchases, you might not feel the need to put forward this effort and watch the ads since you’re not going to save a ton of money, but if you’re considering a big purchase or just made such a purchase, it’s certainly in your best interest to keep your eyes open for lower prices on the item you bought. Everybody likes to save money, right?

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